Oxygen joins carbon coalition

Oxygen Consulting today joins 101 other organisations committed to reducing carbon emissions, becoming a signatory of the New Zealand Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC).

The CLC was launched in July 2018 to promote business leadership and collective action on the issue of climate change. 

On a mission to reduce emissions in Aotearoa, the core commitments of the CLC include:

  • measuring and publicly reporting greenhouse gas emissions;

  • setting a public emissions reduction target;

  • working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

Coalition members also support the Paris Agreement and New Zealand’s commitment to it, the introduction of a Climate Commission and carbon budgets embedded in law.

While many of the CLC signatories are large organisations, Oxygen sees the opportunity for small businesses to play a part.

“With small to medium sized businesses making up 97% of enterprises in New Zealand, the opportunity to make a collective impact is enormous.  By joining the CLC, Oxygen has the opportunity to show what is possible for small businesses committing to this agenda”, says Sarah Holden, Oxygen Director.

Part of the challenge is in helping SMEs to realise that small actions collectively can make a big difference.

“For many small businesses, climate change can seem vast and daunting - the challenge is too big, or that what they do will only ever be a drop in the ocean.  The first step is understanding what climate change means to your business specifically and then working out the practical things that are meaningful for your business to do”, suggests Holden.

It’s also about realising that there are financial benefits in addressing climate change.

“This is about playing to your strengths, contributing in a pragmatic way that may actually enhance your business performance.  For example, reducing carbon emissions can reduce business costs associated electricity, fuel, air travel, paper and waste. Managing climate risk can future proof supply chains, foster product and service innovation, support employee engagement, create new business partnerships and enhance reputation.  It’s a pretty strong business case for action, regardless of how big or small your business is.”

Several of Oxygen’s clients are CLC signatories, including Suncorp NZ, AA Insurance, Westpac NZ, Spark and Naylor Love. 

“It has been fantastic to help clients with their CLC commitments and Oxygen is delighted to now join them in collectively addressing climate change.”

Oxygen Consulting supports businesses with all aspects of the sustainability journey, including setting emissions targets that area science-based, developing an emissions reduction plan, and working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.  For more information contact: Sarah@oxygen-consulting.co.nz

Find out more about the Climate Leaders Coalition here.

Sarah Holden